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A couple of days ago another video was posted on the Microsoft Channel 9 site with Ward Cunningham as the subject. In the video, he was answering a question on whether there is a revolution coming in the way people communicate. The very last part of the video resonated with me:

At one point we thought it was easy to explain things, but we deal with ideas that are so complicated, in the world, that we have to practice saying it to find a way to articulate what matters.

I've been thinking about whether to start a blog for a while now - at least just to give it a go. The Ward Cunningham video and an entry on Scoble's blog on quotes in blogger put me over the edge and I decided to start blogging.

The idea is that a blog will help me articulate my thoughts on software development and to become better at communicating to other software developers (Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it). The entries may peter out after a month or so, but hey... it's worth a go just for the experience.

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