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IT Conversations Competition

Doug Kaye posted on Competition Down Under for IT Conversations. Being curious about another source of content I checked it out. My initial reaction was that this must be fake – no one discusses things so cordially via comments on a blog . But who would bother with so much detail? Checked out the domain name technologytalks.com and no one has claimed it (yet). Hmmm…

Quick search on net26 net25 (referenced in the tech talks group blog) led to this and this. Looks like the group blog was for an Internet Studies course. Maybe Doug won’t have any competition yet? Dunno (slang for don’t know).

Ahh... sucked into a time vortex by following the clues on the net. Almost got sucked into following the clues started via this riddle site – via Brain.Save(). Oh well.. back to work.

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